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Spay and Neuter


Cats of All Ages

Is it time to spay or neuter your cat? Bring them to Air Depot Animal Hospital for care from highly trained and experienced licensed veterinary specialists.

You have more options than ever when it comes to cat declawing. If your cat continues to destroy your home, call us for a consultation and learn about your options.

From wee baby kittens to older cats, we can help any member of your feline family. Whether they need vaccinations or a check-up, choose the vet who cares.

Does your cat need surgery? Bring them to the full-service animal hospital at Air Depot Animal Hospital. We can help with minor to major surgeries.

Regular check-ups can prevent problems before they start. Bring your kitty in for check-up once a year and we'll make sure they're in  tip top shape.

You'll appreciate the convenience of our on-site laboratory, and we can help with your dogs, pet boarding, and much more.

All Surgeries

Regular Check-ups

Full-Service Hospital

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